As immigrants settled in the Appalachian Mountains, they brought with them their Native dances, styles and music.  Some of the dances blended and mixed with other dances to form new styles and dances.  Clogging emerged from a mixture of Irish jigs, English Country dances, German dances, possibly Cherokee Indian, and most certainly African American dances.  Add that to the Appalachian flat footing and syncopation dancing and you have what we call the clogging of today.  Traditionally, cloggers danced to bluegrass music, and often still do today.  However, many kinds of music from Rock and Pop to Country Western, to oldies, rap, Irish, Christian, or anything that will provide a good dance beat are used today. Cloggers wear a special set of taps on their shoes to create a unique type of sound.  The Hill Country Cloggers wear a double plated jingle tap with a buck toe so they can make as much noise as possible. Clogging is fun.  It contains all the traditions our society needs such as exercise, stress release, community based, positive influence, appeals to all ages, and is good family entertainment.  Clogging makes people and those around them smile.


The Hill Country Cloggers came together in 1988 when eight people wanted to spread the joy of clogging. They are also a teaching group and teach clogging in Hoosick Falls and Brunswick. The group members range in age from 7 years old to 90 years old. They are a group of men and women with very fast moving feet who have performed all over the capital district at County Fairs, nursing homes and many other events. They clog to country  music, rock & roll, and even some rap. New Classes for beginners start every September at both Brunswick and Hoosick Falls. If you are interested in becoming a member please visit the Registration page for more information.